STIS Python User Tools

Stistools is a package that provides Python-based data processing tools for working with Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) data. It contains the full STIS calibration pipeline as well as its individual components should the user wish to do their calibrations manually. Additionally, stistools features a selection of analysis tools independent from the pipeline. These analysis tools are in active development, so there is more to come.


The information here reflect the latest software info and might not be in-sync with the STIS Data Handbook.

Relationship to the IRAF/PyRAF stis Package

The intent of this package is to provide the user community with many of the useful tools contained within the original IRAF/PyRAF stis package in Python. This is consistent with a larger effort to transition the user community from IRAF/PyRAF to Python, which can be read about here. At this time, there remains several tools from the original IRAF/PyRAF version of the package that are still in development in the Python package. In this transitional period, it’s recommended that STIS users familiarize themselves with this package. Understanding that many of the users of this package will be those who may be newer to Python as a result of this transition, this documentation seeks to provide a step-by-step guide for getting started.

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