Calibrate STIS data.

The input raw files should be in the default directory. This is not always necessary, but it will always work. For spectroscopic data, if a path is specified for the input file, the wavecal file may not be found unless the wavecal file name (including path) was explicitly specified.


In Python without TEAL:

>>> import stistools
>>> stistools.calstis.calstis("o66p01020_raw.fits", verbose=True,
...                           trailer="o66p01020.trl")

In Python with TEAL:

>>> from stistools import calstis
>>> from import teal
>>> teal.teal("calstis")

From command line:

% ./ -v -s o66p01020_raw.fits out/
% ./ -r
stistools.calstis.calstis(input, wavecal='', outroot='', savetmp=False, verbose=False, timestamps=False, trailer='', print_version=False, print_revision=False)

Calibrate STIS data.

input: str

Name of the input file.

wavecal: str

Name of the input wavecal file, or "" (the default). This is only needed if the name is not the "normal" name (rootname_wav.fits).

outroot: str

Root name for the output files, or "" (the default). This can be a directory name, in which case the string must end in '/'.

savetmp: bool

True if calstis should not delete temporary files.

verbose: bool

If True, calstis will print more info.

timestamps: bool

If True, calstis will print the date and time at various points during processing.

trailer: str

If specified, the standard output and standard error will be written to this file instead of to the terminal. Note, however, that if print_version or print_revision is specified, the value will be printed to the terminal, and any name given for the trailer will be ignored.

print_version: bool

If True, calstis will print the version number (a string) and then return 0.

print_revision: bool

If True, calstis will print the full version string and then return 0.

status: int

0 is OK. 1 is returned if cs0.e (the calstis host executable) returned a non-zero status. If verbose is True, the value returned by cs0.e will be printed. 2 is returned if the specified input file or files were not found.


Return documentation on the calstis function.


Print a list of command-line options and arguments.

TEAL interface for the calstis function.